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Superflex Takes on Glassman & Team of Unthinkables

Superflex Takes on Glassman & Team of Unthinkables
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    By Stephanie Madrigal and Michelle Garcia Winner. In this teaching comic book in the Superflex series, the superhero, Superflex, swoops down to help Aiden overcome the Unthinkable, Glassman (who causes our over-reactions to small things), at just the right time: the first day of school! This very popular comic book works well with K-5 students.

    Superflex shows elementary school students how they can use strategies to conquer their own "Team of Unthinkables," including Glassman and other characters. In the process, students learn to calm Glassman and ways to assess the size of problems and other issues. As students face Glassman and other Unthinkables, they build up and learn to flex nimble, new mind muscles -- thinking skills that help them manage and work on the thoughts and behaviors that may be causing them problems.

    The step-by-step strategies and lessons in this book guide students, with the ir teachers and parents, through a full "training session" in their own Superflex academy. Quizzes and tip sheets are built into the book. By teaching students to explore the differences between Superflex and the student's own motley crew of Unthinkables, students can better understand and modify their behaviors and, as they progress and graduate from the academy, see the rewards of doing so!