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Whole Body Listening Larry at School

Whole Body Listening Larry at School
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    By Kristen Wilson and Elizabeth Sautter. Whole Body Listening Larry at School is the second book in a two-part series to help students develop a better concept of holistic listening, or Whole Body Listening.

    In this charming comic book, told in poem, the authors, Sautter and Wilson explore how two siblings, Leah and Luka struggle to focus their brains and bodies during the school day. Kindly, a peer mentor helps to explain to these students how they need to use their eyes, hands, feet, heart, brain, etc. to listen in group environments to not only access the information but to work as part of a group.

    Preschool through 2nd - 3rd grade students love the antics of our characters as they teach this important concept in a very fun manner! (Softcover; 28 pages.)