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Underlying Characteristics Checklist- High Functioning (UCC-HF)

Underlying Characteristics Checklist- High Functioning (UCC-HF)
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    ©2007. By Ruth Aspy, Ph.D., and Barry G. Grossman, Ph.D. The developers of the Ziggurat Model (item # BZIG01), a comprehensive behavior intervention framework for persons with high-functioning autism (HFA) and Asperger Syndrome (AS), have created the Underlying Characteristics Checklist (UCC) to assess the following baseline characteristics in individuals with high-functioning autism (HFA) or Asperger Syndrome (AS): social skills; restricted patterns and interests; communication; sensory differences; cognitive differences; motor differences; emotional vulnerability; and known medical or biological factors. Within these eight areas, 90 specific characteristics are assessed allowing for detailed examples and frequency as well as follow-up information. The UCC is the first step in the Ziggurat Model assessment process, and it helps professionals and parents determine the strengths and needs of the individual with HFA or AS before developing an intervention plan. The checklist can be use with individuals of all ages, and across settings. Each packet contains 20 checklists and an instruction manual. (Booklets; various pagings.)

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