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    ©2006. Social Stories™ by Carol Gray. Produced and directed by Mark Shelley. A Storymovie™ is a Social Story™ illustrated with a short movie that merges descriptions of social concepts and skills with footage of live situations acted out by real children, parents, and teachers. The Storymovies™ on this DVD are designed for students ages 8-12 who have been diagnosed with high-functioning autism (HFA) or Asperger Syndrome (AS). The use of this DVD requires no specialized training, and it can be used by educators to complement a current social skills curriculum and to achieve existing classroom or individual objectives. The Storymovies™ are grouped into chapters that build on one or more basic concepts related to the chapter theme, and they are designed to be used in sequence. A particular movie can also be used in isolation, making it possible to skip topics that are already understood. 25 Storymovies™ are included on this DVD, and they address school-related concepts and skills and the unspoken aspects that give them meaning and predictability. The 25 movies are organized into the following 6 chapters: practice, mistakes, and learning (including the importance of mistakes in the learning process and staying calm while taking a test); finding a solution (including telling a teacher about a problem and talking to a teacher with respect); working in a small group (including sharing ideas and asking good questions); respect (including an explanation of respect and looking and listening for respect); permission (including an explanation of permission and asking permission from a teacher); and playing a card game (including understanding the concept of luck and the outcomes of winning and losing). Designed for educators and parents, the Storymovies™ method is an innovative new strategy that offers opportunities for social learning that are not found in traditional forms of illustration or live contexts. --From the publisher. (Running time: 80 minutes.)